“Sisters Sowing Good Seeds”


“Sisters Sowing Good Seeds” reflects and encourages

the ministry of sowing seeds into the Kingdom of God.

We are a family devoted to the purpose of finding

common ground in the lives of those around us.

Whether saved by Christ and living for Him or as yet

“Unclaimed” for His Kingdom, we gladly sow good seeds

into ground which has been placed before us.

We have no office… no revenue… and no guidelines…

save one: “The Living Word of God.”

Whether our seeds fall by the wayside, on the stony ground,

among the thorns or thistles or on good and living soil is not

our decision to make. Our seed is always GOOD SEED

regardless of the soil. Our Master only provides that which

is valuable to be sown, and only He knows the name of the soil

into which we are to invest with His Seed. Just as Jesus went

about doing good, likewise we seek to do the same.

We are sowing today that which the Master will harvest in

the many tomorrows to come, should Jesus tarry.

His harvest bears souls that will be touched by an act of love,

a whispered prayer or the giving of gifts which produce

good fruit in the life and ministry of the recipient.